Be patient. Sometimes you have to go through the worst to get the best. -ThinkPozitive

Most nature dies during the winter only the ones that were created for it survive. Each plant, each flower was created to survive and blossom in different times. There are ones that died and there are ones the look their best during the winter, but then we have the vineyards.

The vineyards look dead, without leaves and colors only the beautiful view of the withe snow that covers them, but underneath all that snow the vineyards are not sleeping or dead they are working to produce grapes in early spring. At the end of the harvest before the first frost the vineyards growth thin hairs of roots called root flush. Root flush carries an important work to keep the vineyard alive during the winter and ready to blossom early spring.  Concentrating sugar and starch in water, which is the end result of the root flush combined with photosynthesis, reduces the vine’s internal freezing point down to as low as twelve degrees, which makes the vineyard to steel themselves from the inside out, which keep them from dying.

This may look like a long explanation but it was something that really surprised me, we dont see what is going on under the snow and under the soil and sometimes that happens to us as humans. During the spring, summer and fall seasons of life we live life; we feel happiness, sadness, anger and so many other emotions, but is not very common to find our selves in the winter. The winter is where all our dreams died, where we loose who we are, where we dont find any hope, is where we feel empty and fall in depression, but what we cant see is that underneath all that emptiness and depression, very deep inside of our souls something is changing, our roots are becoming stronger and stronger, it is preparing ourselves for the early blossom in the spring. But we cant see it until the winter is over. During my season of winter there are only 3 things that I can do while I wait:

PAUSE. I need to stop thinking about the future because I cant see it, I cant feel it and while I spend time thinking about it the more I realize I dont know what I what or who I am.

BREATHE. breathe helps me to relax so I can let God take control of the winter season of my life, during the winter we cant see Him but He is there watching us getting stronger during this time.

THINK. think about the areas my soul needs growth, where it needs to become stronger, not about what im supposed to do, but about the now that I am living right now.

The winter is a season were we can use the introspection to find who we really are and what we really want to do with our time in Earth. I cant see it or feel it now, but I know that at the end of this winter I will find a better and stronger woman.

Mon âme.