The hairdresser of my life

2 weeks ago I was desperate to cut my hair, I have damaged it by changing the color so  many times that the ends were all dead. That Friday we took my brother to get a hair cut and I was about to do it to get done with,  but as I was thinking about it, standing there it just didn’t feel right, because in the new salon no one knew me, my hair or my style. I needed to wait a little bit longer to go with the person that has know my hair seems before I could talk; Brendis has been my hairdresser from when I was 3 months old and from that moment on she has been the only one that does my color and cuts, she is the only one I trust with my hair because she knows what looks good better than I do. 3 days later I got the change that I wanted and with a plus, I cut my hair and it looks healthier and stronger. For a woman a hair curt is important, its a change, its a new us. There is a quote by Coco Chanel that I love.

“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life”- Coco Chanel

I always applyed this quote to my hair and style choices, and it wasnt until a week ago that I saw it in my personal choices, in the way that I deal with my failiours. I need to have control over what I need to change in my self, and how to do it; I need to decide what I need to change and what not. It’s something that I can’t let go of, and now I know that I am the first hairdresser of my story, I think I know what is best for me even  if it ends in total disaster. After coming from the salon I sat in my room with my journal and prayed about it, prayed about what I needed to do to have a good change in my life, I prayed to be able to let go and let God been the hairdresser of my life.

I need God to cut my dead hair because He knows what it needs to be cut from my life,  I will let God decide what what part of y life needs to be work and in what time. So next time I take a look in the mirror I will see a woman with a new life and be happy about the change in her life.

Letting go of the control of my life is not an easy ride, it is a messy one, it is a beautiful one and a complicated one. I’m still in the journey of letting go, to trust with full heart on what God needs to work in my life.

Let God be the one cutting our hair and change our life.



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