This is it… Moscow here I come!!!

Im soooo excited to let you all know about what I am doing next!

After many opened and closed doors God point me in the right direction, were I will be able to obtain my university degree and at the same time, work as a missionary partnering with different organizations.

With that said, I am excited to tell you that I am moving to Moscow, Russia at the end of next month. I am going in a program call “Student in mission,” I will be enrolled in university to get my degree, and with the organization ASISTE, I will be sharing the gospel with other international students from different countries and backgrounds, something call friendly gospel, I will start a bible study in mydorm.

I will also be working with another missionary organization, working with refugees and after I get a hand in the language and the culture there is a posibility to partner with other programs in the country. I am so happy to see where God is taking me and all that I will be able to do. I know this is the time for which God has been working in me, all the prior experiences were His way to prepare me for this new challenge, because this is a long term commitment.

As you can imagine this is huge for me, I never even dreamed that God could bring together the two things I wanted most in my life. Missionary work and profesional studies in the Fashion Industry. Now this has come together and I am sure is his doing not mine. So I really nead your support in prayers giving that this will be a hard transition and a hard country to move to.

I am now an international student going with EEUA (East European University Association) and the Russian government pays for a great part of my school tuition, but I still have to take care of the rest plus living costs (housing, food) health insurance, transportation and ministry expenses. I would appreciate if you would consider to finantially support me in what it is the foundation of my future as a missionary and a profesional. If you are willing to support me, please go to the Support me page, and If you have any questions about the program or my vision, please feel free to ask in the comments area.

Thank you very much for praying for me and being part of what God is doing in my life!!!!!!!



2 thoughts on “This is it… Moscow here I come!!!

  1. Mafer!!! This is amazing! I am beyond excited for you and so proud of all you are doing! I will definitely be helping you financially and I can’t wait to watch as God uses you in Moscow! Love you girl!!!

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